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About Design

Successful design employs solid conceptual ideas which are shaped through the initial creative process of each project. This development can be sketches on napkins, a few words scrawled on a notebook or a general outline of the intended vision. During this time the designer has a set of principles that they consciously and creatively use to develop their design.

Basic design principles:

Balance – Provides stability and structure.
Hierarchy – Creates direction, ease-of-use and organization.
Contrast – Emphasizes and generates impact.
Repetition – Unifies and strengthens by tying together otherwise separate parts.
Alignment – Creates a sharper, more unified design.

Good designers can tell you which principles they use in their design, in most cases all of them. An initial, simple approach with focus on color, typography, and space, creates the foundation for every project and will provide unity when applied sensibly. There are many specialist areas of design that use a variety of tools, however these basic principles are a common foundation on which all great work is produced. Each design is the basis of creativity.

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The ability to combine two or more common ideas to create a third, original idea.


About Me

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio in March of 1970, the youngest of three aside my two older sisters. I spent my first formative years in upstate New York and in 1975 moved to San Antonio, Texas. I was still quite young, but it was still quite a culture shock. About 5 years later it was up to the Dallas area where I pretty much grew up.

For as long as I can remember I was always doing some form of design whether it was Legos, random sketches or some other way to express myself. In the meatime I would explore my technical side by taking things apart and trying to put them back together. My parents weren’t necessarily thrilled about that venture. Along came the computer and I was immediately fascinated. I was absorbed by the technical aspect, though I didn’t take it apart (yet), and it provided me with another medium for design….within reason. So, when the time came for me to choose my career path, it only seemed natural to mix the two.

I love the infinite possibilities of computer design as well as the ability to change my vision with one simple keystroke. While my right brain is perpetually stimulated, my left brain is curiously inquiring about all the numbers and processes behind the pretty pictures that make it all work. As technology and design standards advance, each new project for me always brings a welcomed challenge along with an increasing desire to improve.

To view my resume, please go here.