Bad Business Cards

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Bad Business Cards

Business cards are for great first and last impressions. They’re basically an extension of your identity and an ideal way to maintain a connection. A poorly designed business card, usually displays a lack of initiative or someone not willing to invest in their identity. A nicely designed card shows creativity, sincerity and ambition.

There’s a flip side to having an amazing business card and that’s cost and the impression that you’re a spendthrift. Business cards can get pretty expensive, but if you keep it simple and creative, people are bound to remember you. Then again, they’ll also remember you if you have a bad business card, but not in a good way.

Below are some examples of some business cards that should never be duplicated, ever:

Phebe, an awful idea would be getting these printed again.

I’m not sure what a fokkle is, but I can assure you I won’t be visiting it’s den.

This card has technology written all over it.

Talk about a contradiction. Exciting? Really?

I’ve always wanted to eat in a funeral parlor.

Looks like someone got a new clipart CD for Christmas.

Go find yourself (a new business card).

And finally, the most expensive business card on the planet:



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