Repairing An Old Photo

//Repairing An Old Photo

Repairing An Old Photo

Old To New, In Just a Few Clicks

Ever wonder how to bring those old pictures you have lying around back to life? In just a few clicks and a few color adjustments, you’ll have your worn, tattered pictures looking like they were just shot. Another good thing about this process is, once you scan your original photo, then make the necessary edits, you’ll have a digital copy that you can have printed just about anywhere and as many copies and sizes as you need.

What You Need

  1. Graphic editing software (preferably Photoshop)
  2. Scanner
  3. About an hour

This process uses Adobe Photoshop CS5 (you can use earlier versions), but most graphics software these days will have a similar set of tools you can utilize.

How To Do It

The video below, compliments of IceflowStudios, has an step-by-step process that should be easy enough for just about anyone to follow. Have fun with it!

Photo & Video Credit: IceflowStudios



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